343 Pro Sessions Musumeci: Deconstructing My Music TUTORIAL

Musumeci Deconstructing My Music

343 Pro Sessions Musumeci: Deconstructing My Music TUTORIAL

Recording – Musumeci: Deconstructing My Music: Arpeggio-Driven Italo House

In this 2 day session, I am going to share the creative process and some of the techniques that I have used in my own music. I will take one of my most popular tracks and one of my unreleased tracks and dig into what makes my sound particular and how I achieved that.

We will be touching on the following:

  • My Sound Design techniques. An inside look at how do I do it.
  • My workflow for composition and arrangement – the key to a good story.
  • Which are my favorite hardware/plug ins.
  • Drum sequences.
  • A bit on my mixing techniques as I produce.

Musumeci is a musical project by Mauro Di Martino, Sicilian DJ, and producer since the late 80s. ‘The Gemini Project’ album on his own label Engrave Ltd has put Musumeci on the map.

His music appears on labels like Bedrock, Connaisseur, Compost Black Label, Diynamic Music, Endless, Innervisions, Kompakt & Watergate. Musumeci is also a member of Human Machine and owner of Multinotes Recordings & Buttress Records.


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