ADSR Sounds Disturbia WAV

ADSR Sounds Disturbia

ADSR Sounds Disturbia WAV

Creepy, sinister and cinematic vocals for adding horror and urgency to your productions. Featuring a wide selection of vocal types from words to full phrases, childlike, female and male voices to demonic and vocoder phrases.

Disturbia threatens to take over your track with foreboding darkness and drive your listeners to musical madness.

Pack Contains:

Vocoders and Demons
•27 robotic and demonic phrases

Childish Voices
•10 phrases

Female Voices
•60 phrases (60 wet + 60 dry)
•50 words (50 wet + 50 dry)

Male Voices
•10 phrases (10 wet + 10 dry + 10 pitched)
•46 horror themed SFX
•30 Melodic Stacks


Demo Preview:

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