ADSR Sounds Top 15 Mistakes Producers Make Course

ADSR Sounds Top 15 Mistakes Producers Make Course

ADSR Sounds Top 15 Mistakes Producers Make Course

Top 15 Mistakes Producers Make

We asked Echo Sound Works to go back in time and give his greener self THE ULTIMATE PEP TALK.

The result, is a compilation of all the things experienced producers wish they had known when they were starting out – all you have to do is watch, listen and learn.

Course Features:

At just under 4 hours, this course isn’t your ordinary throw away ‘top ten list’ reminding you to cut out the lows or put reverb on an aux send. These are the kind of mistakes that have plateaued your production abilities and musical creativity; these are the issues that are holding back your career.

Over the course of 19 video lessons – you’ll explore the pitfalls, the insights and the learnings to solve common issues that you can and will come up against at some point in your production career.

  • 235 Minutes of professional video instruction
  • 19 indepth videos giving you insight and advice on different production related mistakes
  • Fresh ideas and techniques suitable for any style or genre of music
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons
  • Download now or subscribe and stream hundreds of course videos

Over the course of 4 hours you will break down the skills, knowledge and techniques you need to overcome challenges and improve your production game



> This video covers the ideas and topics that are going to be covered in the course.

Underestimating Acoustic Treatment

> This video covers everything you need to know to set up your space so you can improve your mixes and productions.

Failing To Set Up The Right Routine

> Routines are how humans get really good at things. If you don’t have one, you’re never going to reach your true potential.

Being Routine With Your Music

> Routines aren’t great when it comes to the creative ebb and flow your music. Learn how to spice things up.

Being Disorganized

Organization makes life easier. Learn how to organize your production environment.


Trying to do Everything

> You may hate to admit it, but your music will improve through collaboration with other talented individuals.

Unrealistic Expectations

> These can act like diseases to your dreams.

Thinking Everything You Do Is Great

> It’s good to be confident but looking at your music objectively can make or break you.


> You want everything to be perfect but overthinking leads to inaction.

Not Understanding Your Target Audience

If you are at the point of releasing music and trying to connect with your fan base, this video can help.


Having Bad Taste

> Bad taste isn’t as subjective as you think it is. This video will show you how having bad taste can ruin an otherwise great track.

Keeping Up With The Jones’

> It may be a cliché but clichés exist because they are often true. This video talks about the importance of being you with all thing production.

Mixing At Low Volume

> This video not only tells you why but also shows you how to mix at low volumes so you can make better mixing decisions.

Using Too Much Stereo Widening

> This section will show you how to make your tracks wider by using less stereo enhancement plugins.


Soloing Tracks When Mixing

> No one has ever listened to a track in the ‘real world’ in solo, why should you mix that way?

Mixing Drums On One Track

> This technique can instantly change the quality of your drum mixes.

Not Mixing Into A Compressor

> It may sound like mastering, but it isn’t. This will show you how to make your mixes louder in minutes.

Having Gear Envy

> Gear envy is crippling. We’ve all been there and it can put your output at next to nothing. Learn how to beat it.

Not Having Purpose and Intent
The final video leaves you with some great advice involving keeping purpose and intent clear in everything that you do.

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