AngelicVibes Dark Alchemy II Massive Presets

AngelicVibes Dark Alchemy II Massive Presets

AngelicVibes Dark Alchemy II Massive Presets


Dark Alchemy II is an invaluable set of synth presets for NI Massive. It comes with 169 production-ready presets aimed at producers looking for more mellow and ambient type sounds to use in their beats. All sounds are detailed, layered and modulated to ensure the highest amount of creativity and originality.

Why You Need This

It’s hard to find a high quality preset bank that allows you to separates yourself from all of the other producers. Unlike most sound banks available on the internet, Dark Alchemy II offers a wide variety of beautifully designed sounds that instantly enhance your production and help you find your own sound.

Here’s What You Get

In total, you are getting 169 dark and ambient Massive presets. In detail, you get 14 808s, 13 Arpeggiators, 21 Basses, 25 Bells, 12 Effects, 8 Gates, 13 Leads, 19 Pads, 15 Plucks, 9 Soundscapes, and 20 Synthesizers. Each preset comes with 8 macro knobs allowing you to completely alter the filters and fx of each sound.

Get 160+ High-Quality Presets For Your NI Massive Plugin

14 808s
13 Arpeggiators
21 Basses
25 Bells
12 Effects
8 Gates
13 Leads
19 Pads
15 Plucks
9 Soundscapes
20 Synths
8 Dynamic macro controls per preset
169 Presets in total for NI Massive


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