Black Sheep Guitar Loop Kit WAV

Black Sheep Guitar Loop Kit WAV

Black Sheep Guitar Loop Kit WAV

In this “Black sheep” Guitar Loop Kit presents 100 High-Quality Guitar Loops perfect for making New Style Trap, Hip-Hop and Pop type beats.
Ourteam presents another official guitar kit “Black sheep” in our Store. It contains 100 guitar loops made by a group of affiliated producers. Above all, the creators’ aim was timeless harmonies, catchy melodies and clean performance with a pleasant tone. As a result, the kit’s content can be applied to a wide range of music, including Hip-Hop, Chill, Lo-Fi, Trap, Emo Rap.

With the popularization of synthesizers and the rise of electronic music, the electric guitar sound lost its dominance in music. On the other hand, it still finds its way into modern genres like Trap and Emo Rap, so it is not such a black sheep after all. What if you decided that your music needs it too? Certainly, you always have the option of sampling someone else’s song to bring back that sound. However, this may lead to copyright issues. In turn, inviting someone to play the instrument require extra resources and time that you may not have. But thanks to the kits like this, you don’t need a session player to have original guitar parts in your tracks.

What’s inside:

  • 16 collections of loops;
  • Clean and Effect-processed versions;
  • Real electric guitar recorded in the studio;
  • 100 audio files in total;
  • High-quality 24-bit audio;
  • Tempo and key specified for each sample


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