Bunker 8 Digital Labs Symphonic Melodramatic 2 WAV MIDI

Symphonic Melodramatic 2

Bunker 8 Digital Labs Symphonic Melodramatic 2 WAV MIDI

‘Symphonic Melodramatic 2’ is the second collection in the Symphonic Melodramatic series. Bunker 8 has been asked for years to supply ready-made full orchestral cues in a heavily dramatic vein and Bunker 8 have obliged here. 10 Construction Kits, over 935 files, 6.6 GB of brand new orchestral down tempo dramatic cues. It’s like John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith Stopped by and provided that extra flair of symphonic flourish and drama to your scoring session.

‘Symphonic Melodramatic 2’ features over 6.6 GB of content, twice as much as the previous collection, including cellos, double bass, French horns, trumpets, bowed string sections/quartets, deep sub basses, melo-echo grand pianos, hi harmonic suspended strings, distant percussion, everything you need and everything you hear in the demo tracks is in this collection.

The live tracks have been seamlessly meshed with sampled instruments and full MIDI files have been included for all the parts in each Construction Kit. Based on request, Bunker 8 has included many sub groups, additional live instrumentation and layering to give you all the subtle nuances and capabilities of the previous collection amplified. These Kits are ready to go for your trailers, dramatic key cues, background instrumentation, etc. This is as versatile and pristine as it gets. The realism and depth of these arrangements is unparalleled in scope and sonic quality.

Each Kit comes with Loops, Full Stems and MIDI files. You will be able to break down, arrange, edit and construct your own mixes and arrangements in minutes.

Each one of the Construction Kits comes with a full MIDI arrangement set aside so that you can dig deep into the intricacies of each of the parts and customize it the way you like. Make new tracks from the MIDI parts, add new arrangements, transpose at will without undue harshness or strange time stretch artifacts. This collection makes it all possible.

All content is 100% Royalty-Free.

Product Details:

  • 10 Construction Kits (Key & BPM Labelled)
  • 935 Files in Total
  • 10 MIDI Construction Kit Arrangements
  • 24-Bit Audio Quality (WAV, AIFF)
  • 100% Royalty-Free Content


Demo Preview:

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