Cinematic Composing Symphonic Virtual Orchestration Course

Cinematic Composing Symphonic Virtual Orchestration Course

Cinematic Composing Symphonic Virtual Orchestration Course

The Symphonic Virtual Orchestration Course Your strategic step-by-step action plan to help you Compose, Arrange, Mix, and Master your orchestral music and produce professional-sounding midi mockups.

#1 – You’ll become an expert at the fundamentals of synthestration, and will learn how to make your mockups sound outstanding.

#2 – You’ll discover the power of effective templates. You’ll learn about big vs. modular templates and will build your own template, which will almost guarantee you the best results right from the start.

#3 – You’ll discover the Go-To synthestration techniques (also referred to as arranging for samples), and how these techniques differ from traditional orchestration. You’ll save tons of time and boost your production abilities, making your orchestral music sound stellar.

These techniques apply across the board, no matter what sample libraries you’re using.

#4 – You’ll discover the mixing secrets that apply to orchestral music. These include secrets I’ve learned personally from top mixing engineers that I’ve had the privilege of meeting after years working in the industry. Now I’ll be sharing them with you, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of frustrating hours reading mixing books, visiting forums, or buying tutorials, and then trying to decide which techniques actually work with orchestral music.

This module includes one section about the secrets of Mastering orchestral music so that your music sounds great no matter what system, speakers, or headphones are used for the playback.

#5 – In the “Pro” version of this course, you’ll have access to 4 amazing case studies where you’ll see behind the scenes as I produce 4 tracks in totally different styles.

The case studies include insights and tips for the following styles:

  • Trailer emotional orchestral
  • Action, high intensity
  • Romantic, love
  • Thriller, mystery

#6 – In the “Expert” version of the course, you’ll even get a chance to sit down with me, live, one-on-one on Skype for 1 hour to walk through and review your template, so you end up with the most effective setup. If there’s time, I’ll also review one of your tracks so that you know for sure that you understood the course lessons and applied them the right way.

As a bonus, you will get one extra one-on-one coaching call with a Class A film or video game composer based in Hollywood and actively working in the industry.


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