Cooper Viper Sound Kit 2 WAV

Cooper Viper Sound Kit 2 WAV

Cooper Viper Sound Kit 2 WAV

With the world dealing with a global pandemic, studios and music shops closed, I really had to get creative with sound design.

As a producer, I know what other producer look for and need when it comes to new sounds. I understand when we hear new sounds we get inspired, excited and push the boundaries. That’s exactly what I did here.

feel free to manipulate these sounds to your own liking. this is a creative kit, try to use it like
you wouldn’t use it normally (use a percussion sound as a melodic element, chop the percussion loops
up to create fills, etc). tag on IG (@cooper0600 & @proddxdek) if you’re using the kit.

thanks for all the support

with that being said, enjoy the kit and create some otherworldly productions.


much love, YUNG COOPER & DXDEK.


Demo Preview:

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