Creating Disco House in Logic Pro X TUTORIAL

Creating Disco House in Logic Pro X TUTORIAL

Creating Disco House in Logic Pro X TUTORIAL

Larry Holcombe is the musical mastermind behind Get To Know. AS the in-house mixing and mastering engineer for CR2 Records for many years, Larry’s creative and technical knowledge is up there among the very best in the biz!

Get To Know is UK based DJ/Producer Larry Holcombe. Navigating a love of Boogie, Disco, House and Indie, Larry blends real instruments and percussion with synthesized elements.

Receiving support from Purple Disco Machine, Annie Mac, Mistajam, Danny Howard amongst others, Get To Know has released music on Kitsuné, Virgin/EMI, Nervous, Warner and his very own Future Sound of Then imprint. Larry also finds the time to release heavier more club style tracks as Ghetto Know with releases on Sweat it Out and forthcoming music on Nervous.

Get To Know is also resident DJ for Shut the Front Door, sharing the stage with FKJ, Jungle, Tiger & Woods, Lindstrom, Aeroplane, Cherokee, Joey Negro, The Revenge, and Purple Disco Machine amongst others. Get To know music could be described as a futuristic take on the post-Disco 80s Boogie sound, blending real instruments and synthesizers and funk-infused synth bass with elements from Deep House and Indie.


Throughout this course, Larry shows you exactly how to create his futuristic take on disco house and covers every step from beat creation, to live instrument recording, to arrangement all the way up to the final master. Not only do you get to see the entire process, but every single part of the track he creates on the spot is completely native using only stock Logic Pro X plug-ins and features. Learn the different compression styles, Vintage EQ modes, how to create take folders and comp tracks, all using built-in features of Logic Pro X.

Total runtime: 4hrs 18mins
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