Cymatics Spectrum: Serum Presets

Cymatics Spectrum: Serum Presets

Cymatics Spectrum: Serum Presets

Our top sound designers built these presets for use in all kinds of modern music like melodic EDM, hyperpop, future bass, and more.

Here you’ll find sounds that are in your face, bubbly, and dynamic. These are also great for studying to learn how some of the top artists in the game make their sounds.

Included presets:

ARP – Classic Pulse
ARP – Dazzling Sines
ARP – Dystopia
ARP – Pokemon
ARP – Rainbow Bath
ARP – Waterfalls
BASS – Analog Reese
BASS – Buzz Lightyear
BASS – Chained
BASS – Classic Stab
BASS – Neuro
BASS – Rounded Reese
CHORD – Euphoria
CHORD – Euro Step
CHORD – Glimmer
CHORD – Labyrinth
CHORD – Stockholm
CHORD – Textures
KEYS – Bliss
KEYS – Friends
KEYS – Pretty
LEAD – Angel Voice
LEAD – Billboard
LEAD – Fluted
LEAD – Ghosts
LEAD – Guitar Hero
LEAD – Monster Elephant
LEAD – Pixel
LEAD – Razor Bounce
LEAD – The Great Beyond
PLUCK – Echokinetic
PLUCK – Eternal Rain
PLUCK – Floral Ornament
PLUCK – Hands Up


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