Cymatics Vortex v1.0.3 WIN & MACOSX

Cymatics Vortex v1.0.3 WIN & MACOSX

Cymatics Vortex v1.0.3 WIN & MACOSX

VORTEX is an easy to use saturation plugin, optimized entirely for processing and designing your 808s.

This plugin has been used behind the creation of some of our heaviest 808s to date.

It is composed of 4 unique saturation modes, each designed for a different mixing outcome in your low end.

  • Electric: aggressive, bright sound
  • Fire: warm, thick sound
  • Radiation: edgy, rubbery sound
  • Ultraviolet: extreme, metallic sound

*Vortex is 64 bit only

The power of VORTEX

VORTEX replicates several famous analog saturation modes to give you maximum power in your home studio.

You can also easily dial in the perfect tone using the Color, Filter, and Mix knobs.

VORTEX includes 16 presets made specifically for making your 808s and basses sound huge.

How exactly do the modes in VORTEX make 808s sound so good?


Based on a pentode tube, this mode will give you lots of odd-order harmonics and an aggressive, bright sound on low-end material.


Fire is inspired by a “warmer” valve sound with even order harmonics. Great for making an 808 sound full, or warming up a drum bus to achieve loudness without overbearing harshness.


A mode inspired by Class-A discrete circuitry found in many famous preamps and outboard saturation units. Symmetrical clipping with a focus on odd-order harmonics. Great for giving a dull bassline some edge.


A more “extreme” mode which uses waveshaping to produce some unique, metallic timbres. Useful with filtering and blending with the Mix knob to colour your sound.


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