Cymatics – “Woes” – Hip Hop Project File ALS LOGIC FL

Cymatics – “Woes” – Hip Hop Project File ALS LOGIC FL

Hip Hop might be the most dominant genre in music today.

Whether it’s Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, or anyone else from the endless list of exciting artists… it’s nearly impossible to avoid.

We know tons of you love to produce Hip Hop…

But we also know there aren’t many high quality resources available to learn from to take your beats to a professional level.

While there are many videos online that briefly summarize how some Hip Hop tracks are created, none of these even come CLOSE to the amount of information you’ll gain from studying a real project file.

So we teamed up with a professional Hip Hop producer to bring you “Woes” Hip Hop Project File – an extremely high quality project that exposes the tricks and techniques used by top producers for major artists.

The producer behind “Woes” is one of the best Hip Hop producers on our entire team.

They’ve meticulously studied every top Hip Hop song out there to master the elements that go into a successful track…

And they’ve revealed EVERYTHING in this project file.

Analyze and study everything from the melodies to the basslines…and perhaps one of the most important parts: The drums – they’re absolutely massive and nothing short of industry standard.

Learn ALL the tricks and techniques that contribute to a successful Hip Hop track immediately.

Download “Woes” Hip Hop Project File now!


Format: .ALS / .LOGIC / .FL
File Size (Zipped): 173.8 MB
File Count: 1 Project File (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio)


Demo Preview:

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