rv_samplepacks Designer Dance Kicks WAV

rv_samplepacks Designer Dance Kicks WAV

‘Designer Dance Kicks’ is Resonant Vibes’ first collection of precision engineered, balls to the wall kicks. The fat kick drum is the most instantly recognisable element that differentiates the many Dance genres with other styles of music, and is arguably the most important and sometimes trickiest to get right.

Sonically sculpted for superior performance, each kick has been expertly crafted with crisp defined highs, tailored mid-range and powerful, well-defined low-ends. Designed to keep the beat present and upfront at all times.

All the sounds have been recorded, processed and driven through all analogue stages for maximum character and vibe with kicks ranging from hard-thumping Techno monsters to thick, warm, Minimal accents.

For dramatic drops and breakdowns, explore the wealth of reverb-heavy kick drums with subtle spatial enhancement to add intensity and impact to the drop.

In detail, expect to find 150 brand new club-ready kick drums, organised into four distinct categories for ease-of-use.

You’ll find 40 Analogue kicks, 75 Engineered kicks, 22 Top kicks and 21 Big Verb kicks. Whatever your chosen style and genre take your productions to the next level with the ultimate collection of ‘Designer Dance Kicks’!

Technical Specifications:

• 24-Bit Quality

Product Contains:

• 40 Analogue Kicks
• 75 Engineered Kicks
• 22 Top Kicks
• 21 Big Verb Kicks


Demo Preview:

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