Drivensounds SFX Pleasure WAV

Drivensounds SFX Pleasure WAV

Drivensounds SFX Pleasure WAV

SFX PLEASURE is a critical collection of Sound Effects for your cinematic needs or ideal if you need to spice up your tracks. Within this pack, you will discover 20 textures and impacts samples which have been captured via field recording and processed with analog gear. SFX PLEASURE offers sound effects that will get you instantly into this dark cinematic creation – Users can expect a fully loaded Sound Effects, Impacts & Textures pack of 20 samples. All content is royalty free.

20 sounds

DRIVENSOUNDS is born in 2016 with our founder, BLAKE., Music Producer and Sound Designer. Since 2016, DRIVENSOUNDS composes high quality music and sound design for your audio and video materials. All materials released is recorded with our fully-equipped recording and mixing studio with some of the top hardware/software gears in order to feed your special requirement. Equipment such as Moog, Prophet and other Vintage Synth, Rhodes and guitars are all recorded within our Pultec EQs, Tube & Transistors Microphones and preamps, and other external effects. Every recorded materials is then processed into our RME converters before landing into either Pro Tools, Studio One or Ableton Live. Our products have already been credited on numerous projects such as multiples N.I Maschine Expansions, Arturia V Collection, Redbull, Loopmasters, Niche Audio, Dance On, Complex News and many more.


Demo Preview:

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