E-phonic Invader 2 v1.0.10 VST3 [WIN & macOS]

E-phonic Invader 2 v1.0.10 VST3 [WIN & macOS]

E-phonic Invader 2 v1.0.10 VST3 [WIN & macOS]

Invader 2 is an 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer. It was designed to be easy to program while still offering a wide range of sounds and possibilities.


  • Knob-per-function interface, what you see it what you get.
  • 2 oscillators + 1 sub oscillator (tri, saw, pw, sync pulse, sync saw, saw to pulse)
  • Polyphonic stereo unison with optional low CPU unison emulation mode (up to 48 voices)
  • 3 low pass resonant filter types (low pass clean, low pass raw and band pass)
  • Filter drive or high pass option
  • Stereo noise generator
  • Ring modulation
  • 2 LFOs with delay function
  • 2 Envelopes
  • Delay effect with normal, ping pong, tape and diffusion delay modes
  • Arpeggiator / 16 step sequencer
  • 4 x oversampled engine
  • Medium and high quality modes
  • 200+ presets


– Fix: occasional crash on load.
– Better unicode support for file paths and preset names.
– Preset and settings file handling rewritten. Let me know how this works! 🙂
– More explanatory drop down texts.
– Close preset browser on double click on preset name.
– Fix: registration state remembered when loading registration key for the first time.
– Version string now shows correctly.
– Updates iPlug2 framework.


Demo Preview:

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