EZ-Sound Bass-Pro v1.00 WIN

EZ-Sound Bass-Pro v1.00 WIN

Bass-Pro is a simple monophonic bass synth VSTi for Windows, designed by a mastering engineer. It features optimal compression, EQ and stereo imaging plus slide / portamento and soft distortion to make your sound “groove”.

Bass-Pro is a mix between synthetic and acoustic instrument and features optimal compression, eq and stereo imaging. Play it and leave your FX rack empty !!!!

“Producer drums” sample pack is a valuable complement to Bass-Pro.
A producer bundle is available.

Bass-Pro VSTi Specifications:

  •  Monophonic VSTi for windows
  •  Optimised compression & Eq
  •  Broad stereo (mono compatible)
  •  Slide / portamento on overlaping notes
  •  Well balanced distorsion / saturation
  •  Very low CPU usage


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