Factoid v. 1.1 for Max 4 Live

Factoid v. 1.1 for Max 4 Live

Factoid – Time Randomizer (Max For Live device)

Factoid is a Max For Live device that allows you to create endless rhythmical variations of audio clips. It uses machine learning to decompose a sound into a set of layers that are randomly shifted in time to change the temporal structure of the clip. Create new drum patterns on-the-fly, turn melodies into textures, randomize full mixes and experiment with any kind of sound!

Factoid is not a loop slicing device: based on the same machine learning decomposition engine than Factorsynth, it is able to extract components that overlap in time in the original sample. For example, in a drum loop, it can often separate snare from kick even if they play at the same time in the original clip.

Factoid is a lightweight and easy-to-use device intended for live performance: you can sync its output with the Live set’s tempo, and adjust the clip’s pitch, just as with regular clips on session view.


  • Mac OS or Windows
  • Ableton Live 9 (64-bit), 10 or 11
  • Max For Live 7.3 or newer


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