Ember (One Shot Kit) WAV

Ember (One Shot Kit) WAV

Ember (One Shot Kit) WAV

250 “one shot” WAV files custom made, to streamline your workflow, use less of your computers processing power, match your creativity, and fasten your workload by having access to handpicked sounds made with expensive analog equipment such as.

  • Cooper FX Arcade Pedal
  • Dave Smith Prophet 6
  • Woodwind Flutes
  • Kohler & Campbell Upright Piano
  • Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
  • And Dozens Of $$$ Expensive Plugins

To recreate this process would require $1000s of dollars and dozens of hours of work. Instead you can spend $30 and reap the benefits of Steven’s hardwork. No need for expensive plugins, no more time wasted searching for sounds, & and no more lack of inspiration to create great music.

All One Shots Are Tuned To C On The Piano Roll For Instant Drag And Drop Creation

  • 54 Accents
  • 34 Basses
  • 42 Bells/Keys
  • 12 Drum/Percussion Loops
  • 15 Flutes and Strings
  • 23 Mallets/Ethnic
  • 41 Synths


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