Fluffy Audio Jazz Drums: Brushes KONTAKT

Fluffy Audio Jazz Drums: Brushes KONTAKT

Fluffy Audio Jazz Drums: Brushes KONTAKT

Jazz has always been a passion of ours. Therefore, after “Simple Jazz – Bass” and “Scoring Piano”, we naturally desired to sample the missing instrument of the classical jazz trio: the Drums.

Hence, we begun to dig in search of sampled brushed drums, realizing that, despite the dozens of high quality drum libraries, few of them featured “proper” brush strokes. In fact, that sweeping motion that made brushes so popular in jazz drumming is rarely reproduced faithfully with samples.

Thus, with the usual care for the script challenge, we started to think about how to isolate those complex sweeping motions into simpler units that would be easy to be sampled. Was it going to be possible to put them back together in a way that would build up an “Elvin Jonesish” groove? We will let you determine whether or not we reached this goal.


  • 7.3 GB .ncw compressed sample pool
  • Real brush sweeping motions
  • 113 articulations
  • 10 mix presets
  • 35 MIDI Grooves
  • Customizable mapping
  • HiHat Open Control and Snare Brushing Speed engines
  • Complete control over microphones bleed
  • Customizable output routing
  • 4 bands EQ
  • Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required


Demo Preview:

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