Flux Mini v1.1.5 WIN MacOSX

Caelum Audio Flux Mini v1.1.5 WIN MacOSX

Flux Mini v1.1.5 WIN MacOSX

Flux Mini is an audio effect that adds life, character and dynamism to your tracks. The customisable graph creates a shape which affects either the amplitude, low-pass filter or high-pass filter. You can emphasise the frequency modulation with the resonance knob too!

New in v1.1.0: route MIDI to the plugin to trigger the envelope. MIDI note-ons can either retrigger the envelope or trigger envelope one-shots. Please note that if you update the AU from an older version it may require a restart.

Pre-loaded with 20 presets to get you going, it won’t be long before you’ve built a plethora of shapes to accentuate your fantastic music.

From simple side-chains to manic modulations, sculpt some life into your sounds – flux it up and have some fluxing fun!


  •  3 modulation modes: Amp, LPF (Low-Pass Filter) and HPF (High-Pass Filter).
  •  Create custom modulation shapes with the graph.
  •  Synced modulation with your DAW.
  •  MIDI triggering.


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