Flynno’s Sample Collections Vol 5 WAV

Flynno's Sample Collections Vol 5 WAV

Flynno’s Sample Collections Vol 5 WAV

Flynno’s Sample Collection Volume 5

20 samples composed by Flynno plus 24 one shot

Minor Releases: You can use the samples for smallers records such as independent releases, beat tapes, etc
that are not distributed or released by a Major Label. If any Minor Release passes 1 million streams on Major
streaming platforms it will be considered as a major release.

Major releases: For samples used by major labels, large indie labels or any other
releases that pass 1 million streams. Samples need to be cleared, a negotiable split
need to be made for any publishing, royalties,
mechanicals, points and advance fees​. I will also need to be provided with according
credits on any singles,
albums, and wherever metadata permits.


Demo Preview:

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