Sonic Collective Rav Vast MULTIFORMAT


Sonic Collective Rav Vast MULTIFORMAT

In this pack, composer and musician Charles Van Kirk explores the lush, vibrant tones of the Rav Vast. Created by Andrey Remyannikov in Russia, the Rav Vast is a unique instrument as a cross between a hand pans (hang drums) and tongue drums (traditionally made of wood). Steel tongues vibrate harmoniously together to create an ethereal sound perfect for meditation, relaxation, and other mystical music experiences.

Sonic Collective is an eclectic label focused on real instrumentation and live performances. Featuring a wide range of genres and instrumentation, Sonic Collective connects musical styles from around the world through authentic, high-quality recordings available exclusively on Splice.


· 69 Loops
· 144 Interval One Shots
· 216 Single Note One Shots
· 148 Sympathetic Chord One Shots
· 24 Texture One Shots
· 36 Tremolo One Shots
· 4 Kontakt Instruments

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