Freshtone Samples Lost Tapes Vol. 1 WAV

Freshtone Samples Lost Tapes Vol. 1 WAV

Freshtone Samples Lost Tapes Vol. 1 WAV

‘Lost Tapes Volume 1’ resonates with the textural sensations of an age, with that human touch, spontaneous and exciting. 43 choice cuts featuring the instruments, and the playing style of the an era, with the gestures of soul, pure and funky, and sounds of the ghosts of pop’s past.

In WAV, Aiff, Acid WAV and Rex 2 format, ‘Lost Tapes’ was recorded in a unique environment. The tracks were played on a wide range of sixties instruments from legendary manufacturers such as Burns, Baldwin and Dan Electro into vintage Selmer and Vox amplification.

Premier and Ludwig kits also from that decade were recorded using a selection of rare ribbon mics. Old tone wheel Hammond B3 and A100 organs further evoke the past. All tracks were recorded onto an old Studer 1” tape machine via an EMI Redd desk which once resided in the famous Decca Studios.

The result is a refreshing, genuinely authentic collection of old skool tracks that evoke a bygone era genuinely capturing the spirit of the age. These wonderful loops will enable writers and producers to sculpt some classic tunes, so enjoy!


  • 68 Full Jams
  • 66 Cutdown Jams
  • 194 Raw Drum Loops
  • 128 Tweaked Drum Loops
  • 84 Percussion Loops
  • 57 Bass Loops
  • 81 Guitar Loops
  • 9 Misc Instrument Loops
  • 99 Keys Loops
  • 156 Fills
  • 18 Stabs
  • 10 Crackle Loops
  • All in 24-bit quality!


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