Frontline Producer Percussion Hits N Hats WAV

Frontline Producer Percussion Hits N Hats WAV

Frontline Producer Percussion Hits N Hats WAV

‘Percussion Hits ‘N’ Hats’ is a shiny new collection of perfect percussion loops, played and polished and “tune ready” for producers worldwide. Frontline worked hard to bring you this percussive fusion of inspiration to kick you into creative mode once more. Class A Pre’s from Neve, top end mics from Neumann and their favourite Portico thingies were used to make the chain.

Frontline emptied their percussion cave and tried to bribe a number of perc players with those toys you get from inside a Kinder Egg – tt worked. Armed with Bongos, Congas,Cowbells and Timbale, they headed to the live room and smashed some seriously funky grooves into some really awesome mics.

Percussion is not about just filling the gap, it’s about lifting your track. Choose your parts carefully and you can make or break it. The right hats or congas at the perfect moment can really create magic. Frontline make the grooves you decide where to sprinkle them.

In detail, expect to find a total of 309 loops lovingly recorded 24-Bit/44.1kHz quality and weighing in at 235 MB with loops at 120 and 130 BPM.

Use them individually or build the grooves as you want to hear them. If you’re looking to lift your track then this pack is certainly for you.

Product Details:

  • 24-Bit Quality
  • 221 MB
  • 24 Bongo Loops – 120 BPM
  • 37 Conga Loops – 120 BPM
  • 14 Cowbell Loops – 120 BPM
  • 27 Djembe Loops – 120 BPM
  • 10 Kick Hat Loops – 120 BPM
  • 27 Shaker Loops – 120 BPM
  • 9 Timbale Loops – 120 BPM
  • 19 Bongo Loops – 130 BPM
  • 33 Conga Loops – 130 BPM
  • 12 Cowbell Loops – 130 BPM
  • 20 Djembe Loops – 130 BPM
  • 10 Kick Hat Loops – 130 BPM
  • 6 Rainstick Loops – 130 BPM
  • 34 Shaker Loops – 130 BPM
  • 16 Timbale Loops – 130 BPM
  • 4 Triangle Loops – 130 BPM


Demo Preview:

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