CreativeLIVE Mixing Master Class With Joey Sturgis TUTORIAL

Mixing Master Class With Joey Sturgis TUTORiAL

CreativeLIVE Mixing Master Class With Joey Sturgis TUTORIAL

Joey Sturgis is the producer behind some of the biggest names in metalcore, including , , and . His sound is one of the most sought after sounds of the last decade and in this class, he’ll show you the unique mixing techniques that are key to getting it.

This class picks up where Joey’s Studio Pass class left off: you’ve got your session tracked and edited, now how do you turn it into a polished, world-class mix?

He’ll show you how to get his signature sound, including:

EQ and compression strategies for drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and synths/effects
How to use automation to fix problem areas and bring out the song’s dynamics
Tons of little tips and tricks to take your mix from good to great

If you want to elevate the quality of your mix, don’t miss Mixing Master Class with Joey Sturgis.


1 Course Overview

2 What is Mixing?

3 Mixing Fundamentals

4 What is EQ?


6 Tonal Balance and Frequency Response

7 Volume Balance

8 Dynamics Basics

9 Dynamics Q&A

10 Limiters

11 Spatial Balance

12 Delay, Echo and Reverb

13 Recap and Order of Inserts

14 Replacement Mixing – Kick

15 Replacement Mixing – Snare

16 Replacement Mixing – Kick and Snare

17 Replacement Mixing – Toms and Cymbals

18 Replacement Mixing – Guitars and Bass

19 Replacement Mixing – Mastering Chain

20 Creative Mixing

21 Creative Mixing – Vocals

22 Production Mixing – Prep and Drums

23 Production Mixing – Guitars

24 Production Mixing – Bass

25 Production Mixing – Vocals

26 Translating Artist Notes

27 Bonus Video: Cubase Mixing Tips and Tricks


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