Gibbo Utopia (Sample Pack)

Gibbo Utopia (Sample Pack)

Gibbo Utopia (Sample Pack)

Gibbo – Utopia (Sample Pack)

15 Original Compositions Created By Gibbo.

Thank you for purchasing my new sample pack “Utopia”. The support is much appreciated!

This is my first loop/sample pack in around 18 months, I feel like I’m ready to start dropping these packs again on a consistent basis so stay tuned!

If you place a record with a Major Label using the sample(s) in this pack, you agree to splitting the
publishing, mechanicals, points & advance fees with Gibbo. Production (or Co-Production) must
be credited to Gibbo. (Contact [email protected] to handle negotiations). For all other sales,
i.e. and indie artist, mixtape placement, etc., contact [email protected] Credit is required as
(Prod. By *YourNameHere* & Gibbo).


Demo Preview:

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