Godboydinero Silhouettes Sample Pack MP3

Godboydinero Silhouettes Sample Pack MP3

Godboydinero Silhouettes Sample Pack MP3

The samples otherwise known as th files contained in the “Silhouettes Sample Pack” folders are my original copyrighted compostions.

For selling leases online for music using my compositions has to be split by 50/50. HOWEVER, for music that is placed with a major artist or a major label NEEDS to be cleared by contacting me directly.

If music is released without contacting me beforehand, I will take legal action (but let’s not try to get there).


!Hey Dinero (TAG_2).wav
4L 135 bpm Fm @godboydinero.mp3
Allat 140 bpm @godboydinero @1dirtyrvlph.mp3
Apollo 133 bpm G#m @godboydinero.mp3
Bleu 153 bpm Fm @godboydinero.mp3
Cbatar 130 bpm F#m @godboydinero @noanalu.mp3
Cryostasis 140 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Denaro 123 bpm F#m @godboydinero.mp3
Dont Need Friends 118 bpm F#m @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Forward 159 bpm C#m @godboydinero.mp3
Gediz 150 bpm Bm @godboydinero.mp3
Glitch 152 bpm @godboydinero.mp3
Goyard 152 bpm Cm @godboydinero.mp3
Hit 130 bpm G#m @godboydinero 1diryrvlph.mp3
Hoodie Tunes 129 bpm Em @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
House 127 bpm @godboydinero @gotmortal.mp3
Immortal 112 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Infinity 148 bpm Em @godboydinero.mp3
Jambo 140 bpm A#m @godboydinero.mp3
Kings 125 bpm @godboydinero @vampireman3.mp3
Lacie 150 bpm Bm @godboydinero.mp3
Leave Me Alone 119 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Life is good 144 bpm Cm @godboydinero.mp3
Losses 110 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Lunno 153 Bmin @godboydinero @henney808mafia.mp3
Mahagon 143 bpm @godboydinero.mp3
Mezx 152 bpm @godboydinero.mp3
Ocean Drive 121 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Off Rip 142 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Pride 127 bpm G#m @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Real 122 bpm Dm @godboydinero.mp3
Silhouettes 119 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Smooth Operator 120 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Sosa 150 bpm G#m @godboydinero.mp3
Star Trak 150 bpm C#m @godboydinero.mp3
Stuck On U 116 bpm G#m @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Tino 158 bpm F#m @godboydinero.mp3
Venezia 122 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Wanna See U 116 bpm @godboydinero @skylinehaze_.mp3
Xenomorph 140 bpm @godboydinero.mp3


Demo Preview:

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