Gospel Musicians Pure Synth Platinum 1.2 For UVI Falcon Expansion

Gospel Musicians Pure Synth Platinum 1.2 For UVI Falcon Expansion

Gospel Musicians Pure Synth Platinum 1.2 For UVI Falcon Expansion

Rarely does a synth come along that has a high quality streaming engine along with analog and wavetable technology all in one synth. Our synth is one of the few that contains an arsenal of high quality samples that you can mix and match with analog and special Warm Wavetable™ technology that creates a rich layer of an amazing soundscape of organic and synth sounds

650 High Quality Presets
Representing a full range of lush pads, acoustic instruments, articulated woodwinds, and a ton of synth and lead sounds. We have an affinity for old school synths of the 80’s and 90’s, so listen for your favorite analog synth waves in here as well.

The most notable thing users realize instantly about our sounds is that they are very lush, warm, and analog sounding. This is because of our special recipe of how we prepare our samples and the gear we use. We are not satisfied at all with blan and boring sounds. We specialize on rich, thick, and warm sounds that will inspire you to create.

Stacking and Layering
Unlike most synthesizers that only give you 2-oscillators, Pure Synth® gives you up to four layers in which to stack different sounds and all of them with separate synthesis parameters. You can even Copy+Paste between oscillators and multiple Select oscillators to edit multiples at one time.

Outstanding Effects from Overloud™
In partnership with Overloud™, we have the full version of the famous Vintage Keyboard FX Suite of effects readily available. We also have licensed a ton of other high quality effects, all with very lush, warm, and vintage sounds.

Many people already remember the VKFX suite from the electric piano dsays. Overloud® prides itself on creating the most accurate representation of the actual hardware, and meticulously programming each transistor and amp down to the circuit level. These effects are included free within our Pure Synth® Platinum architecture.


Demo Preview:

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