GratuiTous Piano Lessons for Producers TUTORIAL

GratuiTous Piano Lessons for Producers TUTORIAL

GratuiTous Piano Lessons for Producers TUTORIAL

Fully updated, this course replaces and supersedes Learn Piano for Beatmakers & Producers

There are tons of videos on the internet in regards to learning the piano, but over years of producing beats, we’ve realized we as beatmakers play the piano differently than someone trying to learn classical piano.

As a beatmaker, we create repetition. We create loops that are on repeat over and over, and our goal is for these loops to be extremely catchy. (Also keeping in mind for our other instruments in terms of mixing for clarity.)

This course covers the basics of a piano, how keys, scales, and chords work, creating powerful chord progressions and melodies, playing your keyboard with both hands, and much more!

Learn how to play the piano and make incredible chord progressions and melodies, just like the pro’s!

About Your Tutor

GratuiTous is a recording artist, music producer, podcast host, author, and course creator. He has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist and has been producing music for over 10 years.

With over 18 music production courses created, 3 music production books written, and is the host of the podcast ‘Music Production Made Simple’, his goal is to empower producers to branch out and be themself.

He loves to teach best practices and bring awareness to powerful techniques while encouraging individuality. The most common feedback he receives from students is that “GratuiTous is able to break down complex topics into easy terminology to understand”.

Course Summary

Piano for Beatmakers will teach you how to play the piano from a BEATMAKER’S perspective.

Classical piano players and Beatmakers have many similarities, yet many differences. This course focuses on what is necessary as a beatmaker to play the piano through improvisation and many other powerful tricks to get the most out of your piano playing and MIDI note programming in your beats.

The goal of a beatmaker playing the piano is to know improvisation, how to create catchy loops, counting beats, and knowing how to play with both the left and right hand.

Course Features

  • There is absolutely no prior knowledge of a piano required to take this course, as everything is covered from beginning to end.
  • Over 2 hours of practical, professional video instruction.
  • 28 focused tutorial videos providing useable production techniques and creative tips for all music producers.
  • Led by a respected, talented and knowledgeable producer.
  • In just over 4 hours you will be fully versed in piano playing for electronic producers on a completely new level, guaranteed!
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons.
  • With over 5,000 students enrolled and AMAZING 5-star reviews, this course is a trusted source to learn the piano to help you write incredible beats.


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