Groove3 Eventide H9 Plug-In Series Bundle Explained TUTORIAL

Eventide H9 Plug-In Series Bundle Explained

Groove3 Eventide H9 Plug-In Series Bundle Explained TUTORIAL

Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Eventide H9 Plug-In Bundle Series video tutorials! Discover the vast and powerful lineup of amazing reverb, delay and modulation effects that are packed into this creative bundle of processors, including how to use them on your tracks and productions. You also get the audio files Eli uses in the videos so you can follow along with the videos and practice using the effects. These videos are for new Eventide H9 Plug-In Bundle Series users.

Eli starts at the beginning with a thorough overview of the common GUI elements found across all of the H9 Plug-Ins and how to use them, followed by the first of many individual videos dedicated to each processor found in the bundle. Eli begins with the amazing Blackhole reverb, which produces a cavernous, intense and other worldly reverb sound, as well as how to program and apply Blackhole in various ways, such as on a legato viola, and a plucked percussive sound.

Eli then goes through all of the rest of the plug-ins one by one, giving you both a “How it Works” video and a “In Action” video so you know how to apply what you just learnt on real-world instruments and vocals. The plug-ins covered are; Blackhole, Spring, MangledVerb, Shimmerverb, Ultratap, CrushStation, TriceraChorus, Rotary Mod, MicroPitch, Undulator, and Crystals. After watching, you’ll know exactly what each plug-in can do, and how to use it creatively.

To see what these detailed H9 Plug-In Bundle Series tutorials show you, and how you’ll be using them like a pro on your tracks and productions in no-time, see the individual H9 Plug-In Bundle Series video descriptions on this page. See and hear why Eventide has been a leader in effects processing for decades… Watch “Eventide H9 Plug-In Series Bundle Explained┬«” today!


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