Groove3 FL Studio 20.8.4 Update Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 FL Studio 20.8.4 Update Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 FL Studio 20.8.4 Update Explained TUTORIAL

Studio expert Tyler Coffin presents a set of FL Studio video tutorials designed to highlight the new features of Update 20.8.4! If you want to start making the most of the new-and-improved FL Studio quickly, this is the course to watch. Tyler covers each major improvement in detail and puts it all together at the end with an example song to demonstrate everything in a musical scenario. These videos are for those who want to know about the new features in version 20.8.4.

Tyler welcomes you and begins with a brief overview of the added features in this version and discusses the newly added capabilities and functionality they bring to FL Studio. He then dives into each, explaining what they do and how they can be used. First up, discover the newly added Frequency Shifter plugin, which, in addition to pitch-shifting, allows for some very creative effects via tempo-based phase cancelling and sidechain ring modulation, among others.

Next, explore the various updated existing effects and instruments, such as Maximus and 3x Osc, many of which have improved fidelity as well as added features. Also learn about some important workflow updates involving revamped versions of the Playlist and Piano Roll, to name a few, which have been further optimized with this update to increase productivity.

To close out the course, watch as Tyler puts these new elements to use in an example song, creating interesting effects (and even drum sounds) with the Frequency Shifter, demonstrating the newly overhauled instruments, and more!

To find out exactly what’s contained in these FL Studio Update 20.8.4 video tutorials, and how they’ll help you implement these newly added upgrades quickly and easily, check out the individual FL Studio Update 20.8.4 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Don’t let these exciting new features go to waste! Watch “FL Studio Update 20.8.4 Explained®” now.


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