Groove3 Mixing Synths Explained® TUTORIAL

Groove3 Mixing Synths Explained® TUTORIAL

Groove3 Mixing Synths Explained® TUTORIAL

Synth pro Thomas Cochran presents a series of comprehensive video tutorials on mixing synths! If you’ve struggled with flat, lifeless synth sounds that don’t sit nicely in the mix, this video series will show you step-by-step how to do it. In this course, Thomas lays out a myriad of strategies to deal with common issues, including harshness, lack of clarity, and lifeless tone, among many others. Each strategy is illustrated with revealing audio examples so you can hear these concepts in a musical context. These videos are for novice mixing engineers.

Thomas welcomes you and begins with the all-important topic of EQ, explaining how it can be used to tame the harshness that’s common in some VST synths. He also illustrates how a harmonic exciter can be creatively used after the EQ to help restore any detail or clarity that may have been lost in the EQ stage.

Next, discover how to enhance certain synth tones with saturation and distortion, lending weight and character to dull or lifeless sounds. You’ll also learn how to adjust the patches on your synths from the get-go, assuring that you’ll be working with the best possible sound before applying any effects or other processing.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn many more valuable tips, such as using parallel compression to fatten up tones or shape transients, specific EQ treatments for various sounds, adding width to synth tracks, and using delays and reverbs for creating depth and space!

Throughout the videos Thomas uses the following 3rd party plug-ins, but the info can be applied to virtually any plug-in equivalent:

3rd Party Plug-Ins Used in Videos:

  • Serum
  • Soundtoys Devil Loc
  • Soundtoys Micro Shift
  • Soundtoys
  • Decapitator
  • Brainworx HG-2
  • FabFilter Pro Q 2
  • Soundtoys Sie-Q
  • iZotope
  • Neutron’s Harmonic Exciter
  • Valhalla Super Massive (Free plugin)

To see what these in-depth mixing tutorials show you, and how they will transform your synth mixes from lackluster to polished gems, see the individual Mixing Synths Explained video tutorial descriptions on this page. Make your synth sounds shine and shake today… Watch “Mixing Synths Explained®” now!


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