Groove3 Output Portal Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Output Portal Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Output Portal Explained TUTORIAL
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Eli Krantzberg delivers a series of Output Portal tutorials! Discover what this fantastic granular effect plug-in can do for your tracks and productions. These Output Portal tutorial videos are designed for the new Portal user who wants to know all of the basics and get up and using it fast.

Eli welcomes you and then starts out by covering the Main Page, and its simple macro controls used to dial in complex granular synthesis parameters. The Grain Controls are shown next, and you’ll explore all the parameters used to slice the audio up and then process the resulting grains.

Macros & XY Controls are then revealed, showing you how to precisely modulate parameters with the XY Controls, followed by the lowdown on Portal’s Modulation Envelopes, which are freely assignable multi stage envelopes used to modulate the granular synthesis parameters for wild effects.

Finally, Eli explains the FX & Master Section in-detail, including how to work with the two effects slots, and the Master section with its powerful filters and compressor.

To see what each Output Portal video tutorial teaches you and how it can help you learn the features found in Output Portal, see the individual Portal tutorial descriptions on this page. Start using Portal fast, and get the most out of it with these detailed Output Portal videos… Watch “Output Portal Explained®” today.


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