Groove3 REPLIKA Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 REPLIKA Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 REPLIKA Explained TUTORIAL

Plugin expert Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive REPLIKA video tutorials! This delay plugin from Native Instruments is capable of a massive range of sounds and effects, and this course will have you coaxing out some sweet sounds in no time. Eli takes you through the basic functions first and then shows you what REPLIKA is truly capabale of with some creative examples on various sources, including vocals, guitar, synth, and more. These videos are for new REPLIKA users.

Eli welcomes you and begins with some general information on the delay effect as it pertains to REPLIKA before giving you a tour of the interface. Then you’ll explore the two more colorful modes of the plugin – Vintage Digital and Diffusion – to hear a few of the interesting effects they can impart on the signal.

Next, discover REPLIKA’S modulation section with the Phaser and Filter effects, each of which can add serious character and vibe. Then Eli demonstrates how to work with the onboard memory slots, how to save/load presets, and more.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll follow along as Eli demonstrates REPLIKA in action on a number of sources: vocals (a tight slap-like delay and a tempo-synced delay including ducking by way of side chain compression and more), guitar (several variations), synths (extreme delay examples that showcase the Diffusion mode and modulation), drums, Rhodes, and more!

To see exactly what these in-depth REPLIKA tutorials contain, and how you can start employing these ideas in your next production quickly, check out the individual REPLIKA video tutorial descriptions on this page. The time is now, so don’t “delay”… Watch “REPLIKA Explained®” today!


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