Groove3 soothe2 Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 soothe2 Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 soothe2 Explained TUTORIAL

Studio expert Thomas Cochran presents in-depth video tutorials on soothe2 by oeksound! If you have some harshness, unpleasant sibilance, or other frequency-related issues in your mix, and you want to learn how to use soothe2 to get rid of it, this is the course to watch! Thomas explains each component of the plugin in detail and even provides two real-world example uses to demonstrate it in action. These videos are for new soothe2 users.

Thomas welcomes you by giving an overview of the plugin’s capabilities and typical uses, as well as taking you on a tour of the interface so you know your way around. Explore the main section of soothe2 next, including the Depth knob and more advanced features like Sharpness and Sensitivity. Then learn how to use the Reduction Graph to select various frequencies for processing.

Next, discover the Stereo section, which can be used to help rebalance audio across the stereo spectrum, and learn how this can become a powerful tool for creative processing or repair.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn about the remaining features of soothe2, including the Speed section (adjusts the snap of the reduction), Quality section (for configuring oversampling and more), side-chaining, and Delta and Quality Locking (for expediting the search of presets). Finish up the course by following along as Thomas demonstrates two problem-solving examples: resonant-shaping and de-essing a vocal, and fixing a resonant piano.

To see exactly what’s contained in these in-depth soothe2 tutorials, and how they’ll simplify the process of taming those unpleasant frequencies in your mixes with soothe2, check out the individual soothe2 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Don’t settle for overly resonant or harsh mixes… Watch “soothe2 Explained®” now!


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