Guitar Play! Motivation & Practice

Guitar Play!  Motivation & Practice

Guitar Play! Motivation & Practice

When we’re young we “play” the guitar, as we get older we “practice.” This book of motivation and practice concepts will help you return to a state of play.

For many the most difficult part of practicing guitar is opening the case.

Guitar Play! will teach you how to celebrate small victories and turn practice into performance.

You’ll overcome the distraction of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S.), put the “Which guitarist is the best?” debate to rest and discover why you really should learn some music theory.

There’s a 10-step practice guide, advice on transcribing, the 4 biggest mistakes guitar students make and even some tips for improving your guitar tone.

It’s time to embrace your authentic voice on the instrument.

The motivation and practice concepts described in this book will have a profound affect on your musical journey and inspire you to keep opening your guitar case.

So let’s play!

About The Author:

Rob Garland loves the guitar and has best teaching for over 25 years. He’s written best selling instructional courses for TrueFire and is on the faculty at Musicians Institute (G.I.T), Hollywood, CA. He continues to play shows, release original music and has performed with legendary musicians such as Steve Vai, Chuck Berry and Jimmy Haslip. Originally from the U.K. he now lives in Los Angeles, where the weather is better.


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