Splice Sessions Afrolove WAV

Splice Sessions Afrolove WAV

Splice Sessions Afrolove WAV

This pack is a deep dive into the romantic side of Afrobeat, created by Ivory Coast born producer, Fantastic with additional production by ISS814. Geared for those looking to create tracks on the chill side, these sounds are tinged with RnB and pop stylings.

Plunging us into a sensational and rhythmic musical universe, Afrolove is a combination of all the flagship tones that are shaping the latest Afrobeat trends in the charts. This release features guitar, marimba, kalimba, synths, and percussion – all striking that perfect balance between tradition and modernity.


Splice Sessions elevates and pays tribute to the creators, cultures, and instruments from around the world that have influenced modern music while providing unprecedented access to unique sounds.


Demo Preview:

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