Have Instruments Reversed Architecture: Upside Down WAV

Reversed Architecture: Upside Down

Have Instruments Reversed Architecture: Upside Down WAV

Reverse is the new black in music production and filmscoring.
This packs offers an eclectic and original collection of Drag & Drop phrases, drones and FX you can use to spice up your scores or tracks.

195 unique Drag & Drop, royalty-free sounds for a total of 613 samples (WAV, 48 Khz – 24 bits) offered in 3 different versions: Amplifier with effects, Amplifier (Dry sound) and DI in case you want more than a ready-to-use solution and want to personalize sound the way you want, reamping or using your favourite amp simulators.

All superbly delivered by a top creative guitarist using some of the best pedal devices on the market to achieve that unique and warm reverse effect you can listen in so many records but adding some unique flavour. Combining a huge amount of reverse devices and loopers, both new and vintage (Strymon, Boomerang, Eventide, Electro-Harmonix, Line-6 and the rare old Digitech Echo Plus) the material is stretched, slowed down and accelerate to find unknown sounds which will enrich you music undoubtedly. Just drag and drop the files to your DAW and start composing!

195 different sounds in 3 sonic versions:
3. DI

Size: 1.4 Gb uncompressed files.


Demo Preview:

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