Heatup3 Expansion – Analog Circuitry

Heatup3 Expansion - Initial Audio - Analog Circuitry

Heatup3 Expansion – Analog Circuitry

For the creation of Analog Circuitry we have multisampled real analog gear such as the Korg MS-20 and the Akai Timbre Wolf in the highest quality possible. Add this analog warmth to your tracks with this expansion.


With Analog Circuitry you will get 124 custom made presets multisampled in pristine quality. Customize the presets to your liking with HeatUp3´s powerful built in features. Expand your HeatUp3 VST with this unique collection of real analog synths.

Real Analog Synths Multisampled for HeatUp3
124 additional Instruments for Heatup3

Heatup3 version 3.2.0 is needed in order to use this Expansion !


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