Helium – Expressive E for UVI Falcon Expansion

Helium - Expressive E for UVI Falcon Expansion

Helium – Expressive E for UVI Falcon Expansion

Float away with this collection of featherlight presets fusing dreamy synths with smooth, acoustic sound textures.

A unique blend of steady downtempo and cloudy ambient sounds, Helium fuses acoustic warmth with electronic chill. With just the touch of the hand, you can effortlessly transition from dreamy synths to smooth, organic textures, from blissful plucks to mellow leads.

the full potential of your mpe instrument, materialized.
We design all of our expansions using a unique approach to multi-dimensional sound layering that enables you to push the limits of your electronic instruments and intuitively shape your sonic textures. This new generation of controllers unlocks infinite possibilities for sound expression, creating an unprecedented experience of genuine interaction with your music. Each preset is carefully crafted to respond to the slightest touch, granting you access to untapped expressive potential in your electronic instruments.

fully compatible with touché
Tailor-made for the Touché ecosystem and ready to load inside Lié, Helium offers fresh sounds to reinvigorate your sonic universe.

We have carefully refined our expansions to create a version that is fully compatible with MPE instruments. The MPE version allows you to easily map parameters, adjust the control sensitivity of each movements and change all sound characteristics to your liking with a few simple clicks.


Demo Preview:

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