Cinetools Presents Hell Drums WAV

Cinetools Hell Drums WAV DVDR-DISCOVER

Cinetools Presents Hell Drums WAV

Did you know how important an impressive drum sound is in cinematic productions? If so, then you probably have noticed that a single drum sounds can blow the entire section – if it used by correctly. Drums always support tension, battle, chase any kind of dynamic moments that always catch the attention of the listeners. This time we are here with another fascinating library that will make your production life easier for you!

Cinetools present HELL DRUMS; featuring +840 powerful cinematic drum loops, epic hits, organic percussion beds, breath-taking drum sounds and more – cover all your needs for any kind of projects from fantasy to adventure, action to sci-fi, horror to thriller, war to mystery; whatever you are doing! this energetic collection provide fresh inspiration and perfect foundation for your project needs.

This hybrid treasure combines organic and electronic drums and gives you all the flexibility to easily use them or create your own custom rhythmic beds in a short time.. Recorded in different locations such as garage, warehouse, foley studio, stone room with using a wide range of materials – including huge industrial gas tank, metal pipes, wooden pieces, hammers, axes, big metal plates, plastic jug, mordor, barrels, different shape of stones, industrial bricks, debris and concrete powder, some household furnitures such as drawers, cabinets, some car sounds, different shape of doors and windows which made of different materials ie. metal, wood, plastic, some ethnic and orchestral drums & percussions like taikos, tom toms, tablas, wood and temple blocks, castanets etc. recorded with different types of sticks/mallets, pipes and combined with the multi mic positions. Also a diverse selection of boutique hardware devices, synthesizer modules and hybrid soft synths were utilized. We captured many sounds using variety of techniques such as lifting, hitting, scraping, dropping, kicking etc.. to build this precious library.. Every sound was originally recorded at 24 bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today’s cinematic production needs and were edited for instant use in your projects or creative processing. Recorded with Rode NTG-3, AKG C414, Rode NT4, Zoom F8, Zoom H6, Sound Devices 722 – you can use these sounds as they are or mix and match them with others from this collection to create your own drums..

In detail expect to find 2.71GB of content with 849 cinematic drum sounds included 327 Epic Drum Loops covers a tempo range of 100-180BPM, 259 Powerful Drum Hits and 263 Raw Sources & Field Recordings. All loops and hits has been perfectly labeled and categorized to make it easy for you to find and use them. Loops folder comes with; 34 Destroyed, 52 Electronic, 81 FX & Textural, 61 Hybrid, 39 Industrial and 60 Organic & Percussive. Hits folder contains; 7 Destroyed, 32 Electronic, 22 FX & Textural, 30 Hybrid, 41 Industrial, 59 Organic & Percussive and 68 War Drums. All sounds are hyper-detailed, layered and manipulated they can easily be added to your projects. All of the samples have been pre-cleared and are 100% original & royalty-free for your use without any additional licensing fees.

Whether you’re looking to create epic-battle scene or adrenaline-pumping action scores ‘Hell Drums’ is well-suited for any kind of Cinematic productions.. Ideal for use in movies, games, trailers, documentaries, advertising, multimedia projects or any kind of other audio-visual productions. Also perfect for use in any kind of electronic music productions.

• TECH SPECS • 2.71GB • 849 Files • 24 Bit / 96kHz •

259 Drum Hits
007 Destroyed Drum Hits
032 Electronic Drum Hits
022 FX & Textural Drum Hits
030 Hybrid Drum Hits
041 Industrial Drum Hits
059 Organic & Percussive Drum Hits
068 War Drum Hits
327 Drum Loops
034 Destroyed Drum Loops
052 Electronic Drum Loops
081 FX & Textural Drum Loops
061 Hybrid Drum Loops
039 Industrial Drum Loops
060 Organic & Percussive Drum Loops
263 Raw Sources & Field Recordings


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