Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor v1.1.1 VST3 AAX [WIN]

Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor v1.1.1 VST3 AAX [WIN]

Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor v1.1.1

The Amplified Instrument Processor is a complete suite of tools designed to help you sculpt the ultimate guitar, bass or keyboard tone.

But the AIP much more than that.

Its power and versatility make it an excellent processor for virtually any audio task. The AIP can work wonders on vocals, acoustic instruments, pianos, group buses and even across the whole mix.

The AIP 1.1 update adds some user requested functionality, faster graphics, and iLOK System / Machine authorization.

Parametric Equalization

The AIP has 4 bands of fully parametric EQ based on German Klangfilm tube equalizers of the 1950’s. This EQ combines digital precision and flexibility with analog quirkiness and unpredictability.

  • Up to 36dB of boost and cut using gain scaling.
  • Independently switchable high-pass and low-pass filtering.
  • Switchable response: modern active or vintage passive EQ curve types.
  • Circuit age modeling: dial in analog anomalies to simulate aging components.
  • Channel Variance: 16 different channels variations model the slight imperfections of vintage handmade equipment.

Proprietary Signal Processing

This is the Secret Mojo Sauce of the AIP. Forget about swapping in preamp plugins. Change characteristics of the AIP by switching between different response modeling and adjusting a slew rate emulation.

  • Tube response modeling provides a warm, round tone that’s perfect for bass and male voices.
  • Tape response modeling gives your signal low end push and high end sparkle. Great for heavy electric guitars, kicks and snares.
  • Solid State response modeling emulates the midrange forward sound of 70’s consoles like those made out in California by companies… that we can’t name… Great for making things in your face.

VCA Compressor

The AIP’s VCA Compressor emulation is based on the classic dbx 202 VCA integrated circuit. This compressor is great for guitars, but smooth and musical enough to work with vocals.

  • Full control of all parameters: threshold, ratio, attack, release and makeup gain.
  • Switchable position in the signal path — place it pre or post EQ.
  • Adjustable nulling – control the amount of color and crunch when the compressor is hit hard.

Frequency Dependent Gain Reduction

The AIP has yet another compressor on it; this one designed to work on selected ranges of frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz. Clean up the bottom end of chugging guitars, tame resonant bass notes, knock out chestiness on vocals, take the ring out of a kick drum, de-ess vocals or nip the pain out of a hihat.

Insufferable Midrange Filter

Overdubs and doubling can lead to a nasty build-up in the presence range. This specialized notch filter takes care of the annoying 2kHz “whistle” of electric guitars, vocal sibilance, excessive cymbal hash, and finger squeaks or pick noise from acoustic instruments.

Stereo Widening

Unlike many stereo widening processors, the AIP’s stereo widening algorithm lets you spread things out across the sound stage without sacrificing the solidity of the center. Wrap reverb and ambience around listeners, enhance the movement and sweep of keyboard pads, and put them dual guitar parts at opposite sides of the stage, and then some.

Real Time Analyzer

The AIP’s RTA shows you the frequency response of your signal, and superimposes all of your EQ curves and Frequency Dependent Gain Reduction settings for fast, intuitive fine tuning.


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