House Of Loop Industrial Noise & FX MULTIFORMAT

Industrial Noise & FX

House Of Loop Industrial Noise And FX MULTIFORMAT

For those of You who might not be into the more radio-friendly EDM or Electronic Music, This Pack is for You! If you want to create “bangers” along the lines of music like: KMFDM, Rammstein, Grendel, and Angerfist, etc.

The “HL Industrial Noise & EFX” pack has the darker elements for Your more avant-garde or ominous pieces and also helps to create a Different Ambiance to any kind of music, it does lend itself well to “Darkwave“ and some of the more experimental “Trance,” or similar styles. It is essentially a “two-for-one” as it has samples for the electronic effects and samples for the noise aspect. Not all music is meant to be happy; much like no human is joyful 100% of the time. This pack allows you to channel that other facet that is very much a part of the human condition, even though it might not sound much like it.

Furthermore, some of the loops can also lend to dubstep as they could be used before a drop or so and can be used to create interesting transitions. There is a great deal of experimentation that can be applied to this pack.

Music itself can be defined as noise, to some they may not appreciate certain music, it would seem that way. There are artists that go out of their way to utilize sound clips and create, “aural landscapes,” much like in Black Metal for example. But, even if you wanted to add this to conventional music or remixes like the group, Kraftwerk, that would be very possible. This two-part pack which includes the below, can be thought of as the “yin to your yang.”

Product Specifications:

• Format: (.WAVs) & (.Soft Sampler Patches)
• 026 x Atmo FX
• 037 x Crackle FX
• 041 x Granular FX
• 100 x Miscellaneous FX
• 038 x Other FX
• 015 x Long Wave
• 050 x Short Wave
• 015 x Soft Sampler Patches:
• 005 x Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler Patches
• 005 x Propellerhead Reason NN-XT Sampler Patches
• 005 x Logic Pro EXS24 Sampler Patches
• 322 x Files In Total
• Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview:


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