House Of Loop Lo-Fi Rhodes WAV

House Of Loop Lo-Fi Rhodes WAV

House Of Loop Lo-Fi Rhodes WAV

The Rhodes is a legendary keyboard, which truly revolutionized the landscape when it was introduced in the early 70s, after a few years of experimentation with various models before eventually settling into the format that would become “the” electric piano sound that everyone knows and loves.

The Rhodes soon became a staple in rock, soul, R&B, and other styles, but later generations embraced its hypnotic sound as well.

Today, lo­fi hip­hop and electronic music producers can benefit from the tone of these timeless instruments, and the Lo­Fi Rhodes sample pack beautifully captures some of the nuances that made this instrument so awesome and relatable for generations of musicians.

This sample pack was creating using the Rhodes Mk I e Rhodes Mk II models, two of the most popular variations of this electric piano, each notable for its unique sonic signature.

Dive deeper into this collection of outstanding electric piano sounds, and experience the vibe that this remarkable instrument is capable of bringing to your productions, in such an effortless way.

Please note: only Rhodes are included in this pack, all the other sounds are for demonstration only.

  • 50 RHODES 75 BPM
  • 51 RHODES 85 BPM


Demo Preview:

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