Hyperbits Mix Master Flow TUTORIAL

Hyperbits Mix Master Flow TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

Hyperbits Mix Master Flow TUTORIAL

Over 115 no-bullshit videos, spanning over 25 hours, that teach you how to mix & master in any DAW using the techniques & strategies from three producers w/ over 50 million streams, official remixes for Beyonce, Nick Jonas & Laidback Luke, and record deals w/ Universal, Sony & Island.

Create radio worthy music with an incredible collection of: 50 Technical Video Tips + 9 Start to Finish Mixing & Mastering Courses


3 Start-to-Finish Mastering Video Courses
3 Start-to-Finish Stem Mastering Video Courses
3 Start-to-Finish Mixdown Video Courses
50 Technical Mixing & Mastering Video Tips
Practice Stems from 3 Projects to Follow Along
Bonus: Mixing Sample Pack w/ 100+ Processed Sounds
Bonus: Mixing Channel Strips & Mixing Templates for your DAW
Bonus: 2-Hour Recorded Q&A Session w/ the Team + 3 Epic Workshops


Mixdowns are by far the most important piece of the puzzle in order to achieve sonic clarity and commercial viability. Watch and learn with the  team as we walk you through all of the fundamentals of a proper mix: saturation, subtractive & additive EQ, compression & side-chain, reverb, layering, effects and gain structure.

In over 10+ hours of instructional video, the team will show you exactly how to achieve an incredible mixdown that sounds exactly like your favorite artists. In fact, we’ll show you exactly how we use reference tracks to calibrate our ears.

With so much practical mixing and mastering knowledge in Mix Master Flow, we didn’t think the course would be complete unless we show-cased ALL our best techniques and tricks.

After a few too many coffees and Red Bulls, our team decided we needed to record ALL 50 of our favorite mixing tips. The result? 50 ridiculously informative, actionable and helpful mixing and mastering for you to implement in your music right away.

Here is a list of every technical tip we cover below, organized into 5 macro topics:

Tips 01-10: EQ – Subtractive / Additive / Mid-Side
Tips 11-20: Dynamics – Compression / Limiting / Sidechain
Tips 21-30: Harmonics – Saturation / Distortion / Clipping
Tips 31-40: Effects – Reverb / Delay / Movement
Tips 41-50: Mastering – Commercial Loudness / Stem Mastering


Mix Master Flow is not DAW specific. Our instructors & producers use Ableton 10 & Logic X, but the class was intentionally designed to cater across all Digital Audio Workstations. Awesome, right?


BONUS #1: Recorded Q&A Session w/ the Team

Students of Mix Master Flow who get this bonus will have access to a thorough, live classroom question & answer session with our instructors, where students have the opportunity to get your mixing and mastering questions answered.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Mixing Sample Pack

Yep, you read that right. A mixing sample pack, specifically meant for layering and mixing purposes, these sounds will bring an added fullness to your project. Claps and snares meant for thickening, kick clicks that mimic our favorite artists, tonal kick subs to replace directly into your kicks, sampled reverbs, simplistic effects, atmospheres, and so much more.

BONUS #3: Mixing Presets & Channel Strips for Ableton & Logic

Our go to mixing presets and channel strips using Ableton Live and Logic Pro plugins. Whether it is delicate saturation, abrasive distortion, parallel compression to achieve the New York Compression technique, we’ve got you covered with our most used channel strips for mixing purposes.

BONUS #4: Mixing Templates for Ableton & Logic

Don’t want to do the leg-work? We’ve got you covered with our mixing and mastering templates for Ableton and Logic. Ready to save and load at a moments notice.

BONUS #5: Access to 3 Recorded Workshops

Have you ever attended a workshop? These are the most extensive, helpful live tutorials in the music production space on the internet. We know, it’s a bold claim, but these workshops simply go above and beyond expectations. In this bonus, you’ll get access to 3 recorded Live Workshops covering:

Wall Of Sound Workshop
3 epic strategies to help you fill out your drops and chorus sections. Those powerful drops you hear from artists like Illenium, Porter Robinson and Seven Lions actually aren’t impossible to make. Find out how we go about building them.

Surgical EQ Workshop
In this hour-long workshop, you will learn 7 methods used by all of our favorite artists to achieve crisp, powerful and polished mixes.

Practical Sound Design Workshop
Learn the foundations of sound design & synthesis, whether you are advanced, up & coming, or a self-proclaimed ‘bedroom’ producer. You’ll get our simple formula to deconstruct & decode the sounds you hear in your favorite artists productions.


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