Image Sounds Flute 02 WAV

Image Sounds Flute 02 WAV

Image Sounds Flute 02 WAV

Flute 02

The library is based on 30 flute samples with tempo and key information. Each phrase is usually between 1 and 2 bars long. All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. The genre ranges from pop out to all kinds of EDM and hip hop.

Included files:

01-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
02-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
03-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
04-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
05-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
08-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
09-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
10-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
11-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
12-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
13-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
16-Flute-02-90 BPM-G-S04.wav
17-Flute-02-90 BPM-d-S04.wav
18-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
19-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
20-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
21-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
22-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
23-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
24-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
25-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
26-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
27-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
28-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
29-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
30-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
31-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
32-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav
33-Flute-02-90 BPM-A#-S04.wav
34-Flute-02-90 BPM-g-S04.wav

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Demo Preview:

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