In The Studio with Ferry Corsten TUTORIAL

In The Studio with Ferry Corsten TUTORIAL

In The Studio with Ferry Corsten TUTORIAL

In the studio w/ Ferry Corsten

Get ready to learn from a legend

With over 25 years of studio experience, a hit-studded discography and an undeniably impressive track record as a composer, it’s safe to say that electronic music icon Ferry Corsten knows a thing or two about music production.

The Dutchman has been among his scene’s most authorative figures since he released seminal Trance classics such as ‘Out Of The Blue’ (as System F) and ‘Gouryella’ (as Gouryella), and he now steps up to the plate to teach his craft to the next generation of dance music producers through his first-ever masterclass for Armada University and FaderPro.

Are you ready to get in the studio with Ferry Corsten?

Course highlights

  • 4 hours 40 minutes of course content
  • 21 structured chapters
  • Watch as Ferry builds an 80s-style track from scratch
  • See Ferry’s creative process
  • Workflow techniques, custom risers and crazy effects
  • Guaranteed feedback on your demo from Armada’s A&Rs

What’s in the course?

Throughout 4.5 hours of top-level music production, this award-winning producer builds an ‘80s-style track from scratch, teaching his workflow, building sounds from the ground up, creating unique risers, playing with crazy effects and building a high-energy record that will smash every sound system to bits.

Ferry is a natural teacher, explaining things in an easy-to-understand way, ensuring that this course has everything you need to start taking the next step in your music production journey.

  1. Starting your project
  2. Creating the lead bass synth
  3. Adding snares
  4. Adding hi-hats
  5. Giving the main loop more drive
  6. Creating synth melodies
  7. Creating tension with pads
  8. Recording your own vocals
  9. Adding a pluck synth
  10. Arrangement – Part 1
  11. Arrangement – Part 2
  12. Arrangement – Part 3
  13. Arrangement – Part 4
  14. Sound effects
  15. The master bus
  16. Breakdown & Drop final touches
  17. Getting the levels right
  18. Mixing – Part 1
  19. Watch a clip
  20. Mixing – Part 2
  21. Finalizing the mix and clean up
  22. Mixing stems


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