Instruments by Lamprey – Blackout Cinematic Pulses KONTAKT

Instruments by Lamprey – Blackout Cinematic Pulses KONTAKT

Blackout is an extremely lightweight loop-based pulse engine for the Kontakt 5 Engine. It is designed to be as easy-to-access as possible, providing 3 octaves of time-synced synthetic pulses for adding tension and rhythm to any track. It also includes a built-in filter (automatable and mapped to the Mod-Wheel), keyswitch-based pitch shifting, widener, delay, reverb, trash, crush and phase FX. All interface controls are automatable and mappable to MIDI controls using Kontakt macros.

This instrument is not meant to be overly fancy or boast a massive library of multi-velocity sounds, it is designed to provide extremely quick pulse-based rhythms within a very small, compact and efficient interface.

Available as a standalone library for the NEAT Player, or as a Kontakt Library.


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