IRRUPT Audio Freaked Vocals WAV

IRRUPT Audio Freaked Vocals WAV

IRRUPT Audio Freaked Vocals WAV
Size 120 Mb

Digging through our ever-expanding IRRUPT library, we’ve hand selected some of our favorite freaky deaky wild and wacky vocal trickery for an absolutely essential micro-product called ‘Freaked Vocals.’ This is one which is absolutely useful for producers of all genres, styles, shapes and sizes. For those looking for a voice in their music, this one offers the perfect helping hand… or mouth to your DAW. It can make a huge difference to a track when adding vocals, be it from a short micro snippet, or extended long, domineering audio articulation. ‘Freaked Vocals’ speaks your language.

Already perfectly mastered and created with fresh effects and twists, the vocals found within ‘Freaked Vocals’ are ready to instantly drop into your track and eager for you to add your own signature spice to each one. You can chop them up, loop them into a hypnotic rabbit hole, reverse them, turn them into instruments and percussion, stretch them into nothing but a murky drone. Unstoppable creativity is ready for you.

Found inside this handy pack are an assortment of fresh vocal ideas including weird trippy spoken dialogue, short and snappy vox loops, clever skits and vocoder vocals. 160MB of vocal power for you, helping you create your very own unique voice within your DAW.


71 x 24bit WAV Loops

Waveform Audio – 24 Bits Per Sample – 44.1 kHz

Ableton Live • Bitwig Studio • Cakewalk SONAR • Cubase • Digital Performer • FL Studio • Logic Pro
Pro Tools • Reaper • Studio One • Reason + any hardware / software that accepts WAV files

Production Notes
Demo features beats from a forthcoming IRRUPT release, stay tuned!

100% Royalty Free


Demo Preview:

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