Irrupt Brand New Shoes WAV

Irrupt Brand New Shoes WAV

Irrupt Brand New Shoes WAV

That feeling when you pick up a brand new pair of shoes. You lace those bad boys up, and all you want to do is show the entire world the magic at your feet. It’s such a nice feeling strutting your stuff around town with those comfortable, shiny new kicks guiding you along the way. Where are these shoes taking you? The club? Festival? Obviously you’re planning to show them off to as many people as humanly possible – so the larger the location, the better.

Obviously you’ll need a soundtrack that matches those fresh sneakers and we’ve exactly what you need. The sound of ‘Brand New Shoes,’ is a gigantic collection of larger than life sounds and samples for your next dance party masterpiece. Shiny synthesizers, boisterous beats and enough huge riffs, builds and drops to absolutely tear the place apart. It’s big sounds for big rooms, banging beats galore and melodies expertly crafted for you to tie everything together into one fantastic party rocking, foot stomping show stopper.

If you’re looking for that “feel good” vibe, look no further. Filled with melodic construction kits and rich recordings of analog instruments and sounds from some of our favorite cities across the globe, we are proud to be able to share that Feel Good Sound with you. Genres: Funk Disco Nu Disco R&B Hip Hop House Electronica Deep House Tropical House Pop Reggae Caribbean.


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